The Stardancer Series

Alysha’s Fall, Stardancer Prequel

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What is the definition of strength? At what point is there nothing more to learn than the limits of endurance? When is darkness no longer contrast to light but a suffocation, and how close to that line can a person walk before she risks her soul?

This tenth anniversary edition of the original collection features all new illustrations.
Ten years after she graduated from the Fleet Academe at Terracentrus, Alysha Forrest was captain of the battlecruiser UAV Stardancer with more honor to her name than any other officer her age. But before that dawn there was a night, and it is in the darkness that souls are made…or broken.

Genre (setting): space opera (Pelted)
Tags: survivorship, leadership, coming of age, military academy, furries, prostitution
Rating: R for abuse, physical and sexual violence


Second, Stardancer Book 1

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Ensign Taylitha Basil wasn’t sure what to expect when her ship dropped her off at the officer training retreat at Quickwater Preserve. A hike up the mountain? She’s not much of a hiker. A trip down it in a canoe? Even worse, she’s not a great swimmer. An obnoxious peer who put himself in charge? An and Bast preserve her.

But all of that seems manageable when she meets Alysha Forrest, one of the Diamondwing’s ensigns. In years to come they would serve together on the Stardancer as an unbeatable command team. Here, then, is the story of how they met and forged their relationship during a training exercise far more dangerous than anyone planned…

Genre (setting): space opera (Pelted)
Tags: friendship, leadership, followership, strong women, adventure, hiking, furries
Rating: PG-13 for implied strong language and intense action/suspense


Who is Willing, Stardancer Book 2

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Alysha Forrest is looking forward to her assignment as the Songlance’s newest lieutenant, particularly when it gets her placed as the liaison to the ship’s water environment crewmembers. Interfacing with the mermaid-like Naysha and the alien Platies who serve as the ship’s navigators is an exhilarating experience, and all the other officers on the crew are eager to welcome her into the fold… all of them, except one.

Mike Beringwaite, the overbearing ensign who ruined their leadership retreat years earlier, has somehow made lieutenant too. When a routine problem in the water environment throws them together, Alysha has to decide how willing she is to forgive him for what he did, whether she can work with him again, and most importantly, if she can trust him—with her life.

The disaster at the leadership retreat is nothing to the one they have to handle now. If they can….

Genre (setting): space opera (Pelted)
Tags: friendship, leadership, redemption, prejudice, racism, aquatic aliens, furries
Rating: PG-13 for implied strong language and intense action/suspense


Sword of the Alliance, Stardancer Book 3

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War is a serious violation of the Alliance’s colony charters, so when the Stardancer is sent to investigate rumors of a conflict on the distant colony of Gledig, they’re not expecting to be mired in a web of deceit, treachery, and tragedy… one involving not just the colony, but pirates and a missing Fleet officer. Even worse, the evidence suggests Fleet itself might have had a hand in creating the situation about to erupt on the ground.

But while the conflict might have been decades in the making, time is running out for Gledig, and only Fleet can save the colony from the culmination of the forces working against it now.

The fate of thousands hangs in the balance. Can the crew of the Stardancer redeem the honor of the Fleet… before it’s too late?

Genre (setting): space opera (Pelted)
Tags: civil war, reconciliation, secession, suspense, action, forgiveness
Rating: R for violence and intense action/suspense, plus implied adult situations


Either Side of the Strand, Stardancer Book 4

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When a routine mapping expedition uncovers what looks like ruins on the planet Theth-129, the crew of the Stardancer is thrilled to have something more exciting to do than catalog worlds only a terraformer could love. Their trip to the world’s surface confirms their wildest hopes: their ruins really were made by natives and abandoned long ago, a find of incredible significance. But there’s more to this world than an obelisk, a set of painted caves, and a mysterious shoreline. When the sea claims one of the ‘Dancer’s senior officers, their investigation reveals that the lost civilization might not be quite so lost after all.

Alysha Forrest and the crew of the Stardancer have no idea that their way of life is on trial. But before it’s over, they’ll be asked to prove themselves, and the fate of an entire world is resting on the outcome….

Genre (setting): space opera (Pelted)
Tags: aliens, leadership, ocean, archeology, adventure, furries
Rating: PG for implied sexual situations


Faith in the Service, Stardancer Book 5

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An internal threat aimed at derailing the debate about Fleet’s future; an external one opening the way for the worst kind of outlaws in a new part of space. Alysha and Taylitha are on separate sides of the sector, holding down their ends of what’s supposed to be a routine refit and officers’ retreat… so naturally they’re confronted with problems that play to their flaws, and without each other as back-up.

But Fleet is a family—one that bickers, but forms a united front in the face of adversity—and help can come from unexpected places. Will they face their challenges alone? And should they, when faith in their comrades is the glue that holds their organization together?

Genre (setting): space opera (Pelted)
Tags: adventure, battles, sticking together, team problem-solving, furries
Rating: R for violence, mentions of abuse


In Good Company, Stardancer Book 6

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Trust Your peers….
…unless, of course, one of them is a rogue flouting Fleet’s already lax regulations. But stowaways are the least of the Stardancer’s issues when they are assigned to investigate a mysterious area of space at the behest of an alien allied power. What will the Stardancer find in the depths of the Sargasso? And will it give them reason to dedicate themselves to Fleet’s military mission, as their captain hopes, or to decide that defending the Alliance is someone else’s responsibility?

In Good Company, the sixth Alysha Forrest novel, returns to deep space and the adventure of finding new worlds and new discoveries. And if there might be an AI or two… what’s the Alliance without its many peoples?

Genre (setting): space opera (Pelted)
Tags: culture clash, AIs, aliens, space exploration, teamwork, furries
Rating: PG for violence