The Pelted Historical Society

The Pelted Historical Society

There comes a time in every series author’s life where the canon is simply too large to keep track of alone… and this is the point where most authors turn to their readers for help. Members of the Pelted Historical Society are my continuity and canon trackers. All are welcome, no matter your specific interest or talent! Here are the current endeavors:


People helping out with chronology track everything from character ages to mentions of how long it took to travel the distance between two planets. These are being updated on the Peltedverse wiki, linked here. Examples of how this is done: “Faulfenza live 700-800 years” would go on the Faulfenza species wiki page under physiological data, or “Laelkii loses her husband 1 year into Alysha’s time in the Acadame” would go on Laelkii’s biography section on her page.


Society members interested in characters are filling them in on the wiki, linked here.

      • I am particularly in need of physical data; did I mention eye color somewhere? Height? Voice range or timbre (a ‘husky’ voice, or a ‘baritone’). Scents if I ever talk about them, like Sehvi’s weird shampoo smell. Ages are also helpful, if I mention exact or relative age somewhere.
      • Other things I would love help on is relationship stuff… does someone have children? Did they mention crazy aunts? Childhood friends? Etc.
      • Even the most minor characters are legitimate targets for them. If it’s just a name thrown out, write it in anyway!


People excellent at searching for answers to the author’s particular questions can volunteer to help with retrieval; usually this takes the form of me asking something and someone looking it up and getting back to me. Research members, meanwhile, ask me the questions; they read initial drafts of stories and ask me to elaborate on points they find confusing, clear up continuity errors they’ve found, or ask me questions about the deep setting inspired by a particularly story point. These activities typically take place on the Google Docs of story drafts as they go up.


While these major departments are helping with a lot of my issues, I still have need for lots of other archivists! Particularly now that there’s a centralized location for all their efforts. There are lots of corners of the Peltedverse that need tracking… if there’s something you have a particular interest in, suggest it to me and run with it! Here are some examples of things that are hanging in the wind that I wouldn’t mind help with:

      • I have mentioned a lot of Fleet ships. I… have not kept track of all of their names and ship classes. Oops.
      • I have mentioned a lot of locations and cities and planets. I… have not kept track of those as well as I should have either.
      • The Eldritch could use a genealogist, because my sketchy family trees are starting to fill in.

These are only a few of the ideas off the top of my head. Maybe you want to track the cuisines of the Alliance, or the languages or religions, or there’s a specific thing that keeps bugging you when I get wrong and that’s the thing you want to help me with. Just let me know… or just jump into the wiki and start adding/editing pages!


You don’t have to be a full-time archivist to participate in the Society. You can add one or two notes here and there, when you have time or the inclination; maybe you’re reading (for the first time, or again) a book and figure you can keep a window open to jot things down for later. Maybe you have a week’s vacation and you spend it filling in a bunch of data, and that’s all you ever do–that’s still all right! You helped, and that matters. Don’t feel that because you can’t do a lot, that your little bit won’t be important.

And everyone how helps should be thinking about whether your historical society persona is different from your normal Pelted avatar. Because chances are you’re gonna get drawn… or maybe end up in a cameo!