The Jaguarholt is the M.C.A.H. fan community Discord server, hosted by the author! It’s available to Patreon patrons who pledge at the chat tier, and to the Jaguar’s volunteers and assistants. If you’d like to join, jump over to the Patreon page! If the monthly pledge is currently beyond your means, please apply to the grant fund for help.

There are some community rules:

  1. Respect each other. Be polite.
  2. No profanity.
  3. Jaguar fans come from every country, every political philosophy, every economic situation, and every religion. Make no assumptions about your fellow Holtizens’ beliefs, and be prepared to apologize if you misstep.
  4. If someone missteps, please give them the chance to apologize and make amends.
  5. If someone asks you to stop discussing something, stop. If the Jaguar or one of the assists asks you to stop, stop.
  6. Do not link NSFW or disturbing stuff directly. If you want someone to look for it, tell them how to find it (i.e. ‘if you google ‘x, y, z, it’s the third link.’)
  7. Discussion of adult topics is all right, but keep it thoughtful, not vulgar, and be prepared to stop if someone asks you to stop.
  8. Please observe the fanworks policy about the Jaguar’s work.
  9. Mentioning your own work, or your own shops, crowdfunding efforts, etc is all right but no one is obliged to look or shop or back. Also, people who show up only to promote themselves and never to chat will be escorted out if the behavior continues. We’re a community, not a marketing outlet.
  10. Please help guide discussions into the appropriate channels, so people can keep up on the discussions they particularly enjoy.
  11. If possible, help each other out. Jaguar fans have enormous hearts. If you can help tend the community, please do.
  12. When in doubt, act as you think the Jaguar would act.

The author reserves the right to delete messages, or kick, temp-ban, and perma-ban anyone for any reason, including reasons not mentioned explicitly here. If you are paying for access and you’re banned, you may feel free to halt your Patreon subscription. (At this time, the author cannot stop your subscription for you.) In addition, assists may kick people for misbehavior or delete offensive content as they see fit. Assists have names flagged in red; please apply to them for help if the Jaguar’s not available.

There are several channels in the server. Please use them for their intended purposes!

#den: For general chatter. If it doesn’t fit in one of the other rooms, it probably belongs here. (Note that venting belongs in #backporch!)

#vault: Enter at own risk! This channel will contain spoilers for the author’s books (and possibly other media). For discussion and speculation.

#gameroom: For talk about games of any kind. Come chat about everything from MMPORGs to card games to web games and apps!

#kitchen: For sharing pictures of food, recipes, and just general chat about deliciousness.

#studio: For working. Go here when you need to held accountable for your WIPs, or talk things out with other people who are also working on projects, or if you need encouragement! All creators are welcome to discuss their WIPs, not just the Jaguar.

#library: For technical, nerdy, or dense discussions that are disrupting chitchat elsewhere.

#backporch: For venting/kvetching. If you’re trying to figure out how to solve a problem that’s bothering you, you can discuss it in the #den. If you just want to grump about something, go here! (Note: the no profanity/no NSFW rules still apply in the #backporch.)

#audiencehall: The audience hall is for the Monthly Chat day, which is open to all members of the Jaguar community. This is the only channel that guests can talk in.

Some general notes and conventions:

  1. Each channel has pins appropriate to its discussion, mostly things the Holtizens have come up with on their own. When in doubt, check the pins if you’re looking for a resource everyone else seems familiar with. Pins are found at the top right and the icon looks like a pushpin!
  2. Moving discussions to another channel is not a big deal. Just say, “Let’s continue this in #otherchannel” and hop over there.
  3. Remember that you can selectively mute channels, so if there are topics that don’t interest you, you can turn off notifications by right-clicking on the channel (or pressing on it) and selecting “Mute #channelname.”
  4. We have in-server emojis! Notably a cheerleader.
  5. If you have a problem, suggestion, or need guidance or advice on your behavior or an interaction you feel went off the rails, please DM me and we’ll talk.
  6. Having said that, I am not personally watching #backporch so if something happens that needs my attention, please tell me.
  7. The click is not a lie. Promise.

Thank you for respecting the community! We hope to see you online!