The Jaguarholt is the M.C.A.H. fan community Discord server, hosted by the author! It’s available to Patreon patrons who pledge at the chat tier, and to the Jaguar’s volunteers and assistants. If you’d like to join, jump over to the Patreon page!

There are some community rules. They will remain simple until they need to become complicated.

  1. Respect each other. Be polite.
  2. No profanity.
  3. Jaguar fans come from every country, every political philosophy, every economic situation, and every religion. Make no assumptions about your fellow Holtizens’ beliefs, and be prepared to apologize if you misstep.
  4. If someone missteps, please give them the chance to apologize and make amends.
  5. If someone asks you to stop discussing something, stop. If the Jaguar or one of the assists asks you to stop, stop.
  6. Do not link NSFW or disturbing stuff directly. If you want someone to look for it, tell them how to find it (i.e. ‘if you google ‘x, y, z, it’s the third link.’)
  7. Discussion of adult topics is all right, but keep it thoughtful, not vulgar.
  8. If possible, help each other out. Jaguar fans have enormous hearts. If you can help tend the community, please do.
  9. When in doubt, act as you think the Jaguar would act.

In addition, rules from other parts of the Jaguarsphere, like the Patreon, also apply (things like “no fanfiction”).

The author reserves the right to delete messages, or kick, temp-ban, and perma-ban anyone for any reason. If you are paying for server access and you’re banned, you may feel free to halt your Patreon subscription. (At this time, the author cannot stop your subscription for you.) In addition, assists may kick people for misbehavior or delete offensive content when they see fit.

There are five channels in the server. Please use them for their intended purposes!

#den: For general chatter. If it doesn’t fit in one of the other rooms, it probably belongs here.

#spoilers: Enter at own risk! This channel will contain spoilers for the author’s books (and possibly other media). For discussion and speculation.

#gameroom: For our online RPGs. Most games are open to new players; pop in the channel and ask what’s running and if you can join.

#studio: For working. Go here when you need to held accountable for your WIPs, or talk things out with other people who are also working on projects and want encouragement!

#audiencehall: The audience hall is for the Monthly Chat day, which is open to all members of the Jaguar community. This is the only channel that guests can talk in.

Thank you for respecting the community! We hope to see you online!