The author discord is available to all subscribers of Patreon or Locals! Join one of these platforms for access to the invite. The server is themed on an eternal JaguarCon, where you can discuss the books and art with other fans… and the author! Come hang out with us!

Community Rules

  1. Jaguar fans have wildly divergent belief systems. This is a feature, not a bug. Be respectful.
  2. Observe the Jaguar fanworks policy. Read it here:
  3. People who promote themselves habitually will be asked to start their own servers.
  4. No profanity, obscene, or illegal content, and no AI art or writing.
  5. Sharing in-server activity outside it is prohibited. This includes but isn’t limited to screenshots and any form of doxxing.
  6. Badgering the author will get you kicked or banned.
  7. The author and mod team reserve the right to permaban anyone at any time.

Moderators have names flagged in yellow; please apply to them for help if the Jaguar’s not available. Please make sure you’re assigned a role during your first visit, or you’ll have to re-use the invite link after logout.