Girl on Fire

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A coming-of-age story in the style of Mercedes Lackey, set in a galaxy full of aliens and adventures….

The Eldritch live hundreds of years, which means Sediryl Nuera Galare isn’t going to inherit the management of her family’s noble house–and all its rich farmland–anytime soon. So when she discovers that her world is only one among many, she doesn’t hesitate to kick off the dust of her provincial estate. That it gets her away from her oppressive mother and a smothering society is only a bonus.

But wonder isn’t the only thing waiting for a young woman trying her wings for the first time. When Sediryl finds love among the aliens, she’s faced with a difficult choice between duty and her heart’s desire.

Girl on Fire introduces Sediryl, the woman who will go on to figure so powerfully in the future of the Peltedverse. But before she was a firebrand, she had to be set on fire….

Genre (setting): space opera (Pelted)
Tags: coming of age; space elves; multicultural; bisexual content; (head)strong female protagonist; young protagonist
Rating: PG for references to adult relations, difficult family relationships



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For as long as he could remember, Vasiht’h planned on starting a family, a plan that surviving the war only made more urgent. The temple on Anseahla has summoned him at last to pick up his new kits, an errand he decides will be an excellent opportunity to have some alone-time with his partner, Jahir. But his partner is now an imperial prince-consort, and Vasiht’h himself has more responsibilities than he anticipated, and it isn’t long before their private getaway turns into a huge production. And that’s before the children join the party!

But becoming a father is only one of the changes that Vasiht’h must accept as he moves into this newest phase of his life. For the longest time he’s thought of himself as living in an Eldritch shadow. If he wants to thrive–if he wants to lead his contingent of Glaseah to a fuller life themselves–he has to accept that sometimes a supporting role is just an excuse to stay out of the limelight….

Heartskein is a cozy science fiction novel and returns to the dreamhealers in their new roles as powers in the new Eldritch Empire: Jahir is now a married man and a prince, and Vasiht’h an administrator, a lord, and a father! But no matter what changes, some things stay the same: like a bond of love stronger than wars and unconquered by time. Come unwind, and meet the babies!

Genre (setting): space opera (Pelted)
Tags: parenthood; space elves; multicultural; asexual; aliens; family; relationships
Rating: PG for references to adult situations


Fathers’ Honor

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When his favorite student invites him to immigrate to the world of the fabled Eldritch, Armin Palland brings his wife and mother-in-law and all the unresolved issues he’s been avoiding. That he arrives to a planet without a university to employ him leaves him stranded with nothing to do but what he does best: turn his psychology degree and analytical powers on the plight of the natives… and one native in particular.

But it was never his intention to get involved with an Eldritch father, much less an Eldritch father AND a middle-aged intransigent Glaseah who won’t let him crawl back into his comfortable shell. There’s a road between Armin Palland and his life-altering epiphany, and it’s going to take him straight through a hospital ward, several weeks of language lessons, and his first attempt at… wargaming?

And they say old dogs can’t learn new tricks….

Old friends from the Dreamhealers series take center stage for this standalone Peltedverse novel, set during the Fallowtide period after the end of the Chatcaavan War.

Genre (setting): space opera (Pelted)
Tags: parenthood; space elves; multicultural; language; psychology; getting your groove back; midlife crises
Rating: PG for references to war and violence


In the Court of Dragons

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Sweeping cultural changes sound very good on paper. But in the lives of normal people, even the ones who stand to benefit, those changes can be a challenge… one they might not have even asked for. In the Court of Dragons collects eight stories of the period after the events of the Chatcaavan War, focusing on changes both personal and widespread: old favorites return and new characters make their debut as we follow the effects of the war on everything from the imperial harem to the nascent Eldritch newsroom. What are the Faulfenza up to in the capital? What was the fate of the palace castrates? And who taught an Eldritch to… bungee jump?

This reader-commissioned collection includes stories written by the author at reader request. Come home to the Alliance with these tales of hope, renewal, comedy, and romance.

Genre (setting): space opera (Pelted)
Tags: romance, comedy, shenanigans, heart-warming, children, young adults, changes, evolutions
Rating: PG for references to war, violence, and adult situations


To the Court of Love

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Sediryl Galare’s first official function as the formally invested heir to the Eldritch Empire is to open the summer court, on Escutcheon and on the world of Chalice. But behind every big event are a myriad of stories—some smaller in scope, and some enormous in implication. Join the Eldritch and their allies in this Fallowtide collection for a glimpse into those everyday stories. Who are the musicians of Ontine? What happened to the nobles of Asaniefa who didn’t care to fight the Empress? Will Jeasa and Haladir ever come to an accommodation? And how are the social changes sweeping the world affecting those who wish they hadn’t?

This reader-commissioned collection includes stories written by the author at reader request. Come home to the Alliance with seven tales of hope, renewal, romance, and change.

Genre (setting): space opera (Pelted)
Tags: romance, drama, heart-warming, redemption, social changes, second chances
Rating: PG for references to war, violence, and adult situations