Join the Community!

You can find the Jaguar on Locals, a new platform focused on building and maintaining creator communities. Locals is a membership-based service that allows creators and members to interact and post/react to content, with video, audio, text, image, live chat, and (soon) livestreaming. Perfectly for us, it allows for gift memberships, making it easy for community members to support one another (and the creator). Locals has both a website and an app client (though we suggest you subscribe via the website, since it’s not subject to app store fees). Join us!

Locals Posting Etiquette

 Types of Posts

  1. Okay at any time: questions for the author; questions/discussion about the wiki; questions and polls intended to lead to discussion about jaguar books/art; photographs sharing jaguar art/books in your space (doodles you’ve received in signed books, pictures you’ve framed, necklaces you’re wearing right now, etc); approved types of fanwork; requests for meet-ups. Can be shared in any form (text, video, audio, image, polls).
  2. Okay as responses to designated posts: talking about other books you’re reading, projects you’re working on, poetry you’re enjoying, links to thinks you’re enjoying, or links to your own stores/stuff. See schedule!
  3. Okay on designated days: follow the rules about types of acceptable content, but otherwise observe the theme (Saturdays, everyone can free-post, for example)


Use hashtags so people can easily identify your post topic and search for it. (For example: “#Fanwork: Calligraphy of my Favorite Word!”)

  • Fanwork: For approved types of fanworks.
  • JaguarQuestions: For things you want the jaguar to see and respond to!
  • WikiStuff: For questions, discussion, or pointing out fun things in the wiki
  • (Name of book/art/setting) Discussion: For polls, questions, or discussions about the art/writing. Feel free to make fun posts as well as serious ones.
  • Readalong: For things relating to the readalong
  • IntheWild: For photos or stories about jaguar products or art in the wild (such as photos of received doodles)
  • Meet-ups: If you’re traveling somewhere and want to meet another Jaguarfan for coffee or food, tell us where you’re going and when. Also for larger meet-up planning, like conventions.
  • SaturdayShare: For whatever you feel like posting on Saturday


Community Rules

  1. Respect each other. Be polite.
  2. No profanity. If you’re not sure if what you’re about to say is profanity, find another way to say it. Also, keep all posts/comments SFW (safe for work).
  3. Jaguar fans come from every country, every political philosophy, every economic situation, and every religion. Make no assumptions about your fellows’ beliefs and treat everyone as a fellow human being.
  4. This community is for Jaguar fans who wish to discuss her work with her and other fans. People who only participate to promote themselves, or who promote themselves habitually in random discussions, will be asked to start their own communities.
  5. You are in an author-moderated space. Don’t come into it to educate the author, critique her work, or tell her how to do her job better. People who break this rule habitually will be banned.
  6. Resources and content linked in the community are for supporters only, unless they are made available via public posts.
  7. Related: If you are found to have been copying content out of the community to share elsewhere, you will be banned. Content includes the private conversations of community members.
  8. Please observe the fanworks policy.
  9. The Jaguar is literal-minded and finds puns exhausting. One or two are fine, but please reserve your pun chains for other groups.
  10. Help guide discussions onto appropriate posts, so people can locate the topics they particularly enjoy. During scheduled events, please stay on topic.
  11. The jaguar community is a great place to receive encouragement! But is not a replacement for therapy, nor is it a critique group, or a classroom.
  12. A community is only as robust as the people who maintain it. As much as possible, please put in what you take out.
  13. When in doubt, act as you think the Jaguar would act.