What should I read first?

As I mention on the landing page, my recommendations are to start with Earthrise, Mindtouch, or An Heir to Thorns and Steel, which are my bestselling books. If you’ve never read anything by me, and want science fiction, start with one of these two: Mindtouch for pastoral/gentle, and Earthrise for adventure. They’re set in the same universe (the Pelted setting), so if you liked one of them, you can move on to the other when you’re done. If you prefer fantasy, go with An Heir to Thorns and Steel. You can see the rest of my novels, coloring books, and children’s books on the Books page.

Why doesn’t my favorite book have a paperback or audio edition?

Ebooks are inexpensive to produce, compared to the average paperback or audio edition. I don’t usually issue paperback or audio editions unless a series is doing well enough to justify the expense, which can run into four figures for audio.

Is writing/art your full-time job?

Yes, yes indeed. You can read my ‘going full-time’ post here.

Why should I join your Patreon or Locals?

If you’ve ever thought ‘it would be cool to know what’s an author’s working on before anyone else, and maybe even help suggest what she should do next’, then I recommend my communities! Your patronage makes it possible for me to write projects that would otherwise be too niche to justify, like more Kherishdar novels, or to take chances on new projects. Lots of people wish they could make a serious difference in an artists’ career. This is one way you can.

Want a more in-depth analysis of the effect of Patreon on an artist’s income? Read this post.

What’s your fanworks policy?

My fanworks policy can be found here.

Why do you use “it” as a pronoun for neuters?

I have thought for a long time about pronouns for neuter aliens and humans, and considered all the objections. After much deliberation, I’ve decided this is the pronoun that works for me. I’m aware that it makes some people uncomfortable and find that regrettable. I can only say I didn’t make the choice carelessly or in ignorance.

I found a typo/possible continuity problem! What should I do?

Please use the wiki page to report a typo or continuity issue! Note that it is impractical to correct single typos (particularly for books with print and audio editions), so I don’t usually address minor errors until and unless I do a new edition. I am in good company though… I caught six typos in The Hobbit before I stopped counting!


Are Jahir and Vasiht’h gay? Are they brothers or husbands?

I’m fairly certain this question doesn’t even register with Vasiht’h, who finds no one sexually attractive, and who feels something for Jahir that we don’t have a name for. Jahir is definitively not gay, but bi, and eventually, poly, none of which he initially knows (or would define in that way either, not coming from a culture that recognizes identities in the way we do). He loves Vasiht’h; Vasiht’h loves him. They are bonded in a divinely-blessed union of the spirit. That suffices for them both while making this question hard to answer for us…!


I hear there are a lot more language resources for the Ai-Naidari language! Where can I find them?

Currently all the Ai-Naidari language resources are available via Patreon or Locals, and include the lexicon (over 1500 words), a 50-page grammar book, audio samples, and fan-created works (songs and calligraphy).


I hear there’s a “Which Jokku sex are you?” quiz… where can I take it?

There is indeed a quiz, and you can find it here!