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If you want to report a typo or a formatting error in one of my books, please use this Google sheet! And thank you!

Otherwise, I don’t have much time anymore to answer personal mail, so I may not have a chance to do more than read anything sent to me. But if that doesn’t deter you, you send email to m at mcahogarth dot org. Please note: this email address may be read by third parties and should not be considered private.

You can also send mail to the Stardancer Studios business box here:

M. Hogarth
PMB 109
4522 West Village Dr.
Tampa, FL 33624

Note that I do not live at this address, and do pick-up infrequently, so if you want to send me something in a timely fashion, contact me.

7 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Sarah Coats says:

    Over the past year I have purchased every single one of your books that I can find for Kindle. I bought the Godkin, Griffin book and was pleased to see the 2nd book available. When is the 3rd book coming?

    • The Jaguar says:

      Oh, I never intended a third! The 2 books completes the series…! But I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much you wish there had been more adventures!

  2. Carl Foxmarten says:

    As a big fan of Spots The Space Marine: In Defense of the Fiddler, I was pleasantly surprised to find the second book in the series, Letters, on Kobo. Unfortunately, I don’t see it listed here, and am also curious about a potential third book in the series. Any news? Many thanks!

  3. Sean Murphy says:

    I was struck by the parallels between Michael Gerber’s roles of Technician, Manager, and Entrepreneur in his “E-Myth” books and your roles of Artist, Business Manager, and Marketer in your “Three Jaguars” books. Have read the E-Myth?

  4. John Bandow says:

    Is there any way I can get physical copies of the books in The Stardancer series? I became friends with Chris Grant several years ago and got a copy of The StarDancer Chronicles from him, which I have fallen in love with and want to read more, but prefer the feel of read books and turning the pages.

  5. Bolarry says:

    How are you doing ?
    I am Bolarry from Bolarry team Agency.
    I just started following your Kickstarter campaign, and I am impressed with the project idea, it is indeed innovative and inspirational Just wondering how you have been spreading the word about the effort to get as much attention as possible in this pre-launch stage

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