If you want to report a typo or a formatting error in one of my books, please use this Google sheet! And thank you!

Otherwise, I don’t have much time anymore to answer personal mail, so I may not have a chance to do more than read anything sent to me. But if that doesn’t deter you, you send email to m at mcahogarth dot org. Please note: this email address may be read by third parties and should not be considered private.

You can also send mail to the Stardancer Studios business box here:

M. Hogarth
PMB 109
4522 West Village Dr.
Tampa, FL 33624

Note that I do not live at this address, and do pick-up infrequently, so if you want to send me something in a timely fashion, contact me.


  1. Over the past year I have purchased every single one of your books that I can find for Kindle. I bought the Godkin, Griffin book and was pleased to see the 2nd book available. When is the 3rd book coming?

    1. Oh, I never intended a third! The 2 books completes the series…! But I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much you wish there had been more adventures!

  2. As a big fan of Spots The Space Marine: In Defense of the Fiddler, I was pleasantly surprised to find the second book in the series, Letters, on Kobo. Unfortunately, I don’t see it listed here, and am also curious about a potential third book in the series. Any news? Many thanks!

  3. I was struck by the parallels between Michael Gerber’s roles of Technician, Manager, and Entrepreneur in his “E-Myth” books and your roles of Artist, Business Manager, and Marketer in your “Three Jaguars” books. Have read the E-Myth?

  4. Is there any way I can get physical copies of the books in The Stardancer series? I became friends with Chris Grant several years ago and got a copy of The StarDancer Chronicles from him, which I have fallen in love with and want to read more, but prefer the feel of read books and turning the pages.

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