Not in Need of Rescue: A Women in Fantasy Coloring Book

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Is it time for a coloring book of women in fantasy settings wearing reasonable clothes? Of different ethnicities? With dragons? Is it time for a coloring book with elf moms, women with curly hair, and women not only not rescuing themselves, but not in need of rescue at all? We think so!

Pick up your pencils, markers, and colored pens for 20 pages of women in fantasy…and the one token man (with a unicorn… of course). Hours of enjoyment await!

Pages: 20
Tags: women, dragons, unicorns, elves, children, warriors


Not in Need of Quests: A Men in Fantasy Coloring Book

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Men in fantasy art always seem stuck in the same poses: weapons lifted, trapped in an eternal fight. Where are the rest of the guys? Fathers, friends, pet-owners, scholars and fishermen, men from every part of the world and of every race, fantastical or human… they need some art too!
We’ve done women in believable armor. Now it’s time for believable men, in armor or not.

Pick up your pencils, markers, and colored pens for 20 pages of men in fantasy, doing all the other things men do, whether it’s petting a unicorn or toting their kids. Hours of enjoyment await!

Pages: 20
Tags: men, diversity, orcs, dragons, unicorns, elves, children, scholars, naga, warriors

Critters, Beasts and Fluffies: A Whimsical Creature Coloring Book

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There are so many delightful creatures in myth and fantasy. But when was the last time you saw dragon hatchlings playing with knight and damsel dolls? Or lizards cosplaying as wyverns? How about an octopus ballerina, or the cockatrice visiting dear ol’ momma chicken? From strange centaurs and manatee mermaids to grackles in colonial costume, we’ve done a whimsical take on the creatures of story and earth. May they make you smile as you wield your pencils, markers, and colored pens for all 20 delightful images!

Pages: 20
Tags: animals, aliens, mythical creatures, furries, fun

Candy Color: A Coloring Book of Shiny

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Sometimes you need to indulge in your retro fluorescent memories of the 1980s, when the critters were star-eyed, adorable, and littered with stardust! This coloring book is for all of you who want an excuse to draw in bright colors. Hearts, stars, unicorns, dragons and honey badgers, velociraptors drifting in space… it’s all waiting for your color pencils, markers, or brightest neon paint! Flip to your favorite page and indulge! And remember… you’re not having fun until your retinas explode!

Pages: 20
Tags: anime eyes, animals, jaguars, unicorns, pegasi, stars, rainbows

The Laundry Dragons Coloring Book Adventure!

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This companion to The Laundry Dragons! children’s picture book features fourteen pages of adorable adventures for you to color. Each picture’s on a separate page so you can tear them out without worrying about a different picture on the back! Join the Laundry Dragons as they explore the rest of the house and discover tape dispensers, shoes, slide rules and crochet hooks. Get out your markers, pencils and crayons: hours of fun await!

Pages: 14
Tags: kid-targeted, dragons, cute, household items

The Jokka Coloring Book

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Sketching has always been an important part of my writing process. While developing a world, its characters, and history, I do a lot of drawing… and for the most part, those drawings aren’t available to the readers who love the stories.

Until now!

Pick up your pencils, markers, and colored pens and join me in the world of the Jokka for 21 pages of beautiful aliens. There’s even a page for you to write your name in Jokku Riha! Hours of enjoyment await!
Pages: 21
Tags: aliens, jokka, fwoosh, activity page (conlang)

Lunch Bag Coloring Book: Family Animals

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What’s cuter than a sea slug? How about a sea slug and its baby? The Lunch Bag Coloring Book brings together cuddly babies and parents from all around the animal kingdom, from alligators to penguins! These drawings, originally doodled on school snack bags, have been cleaned up for 22 pages of coloring fun…so bring out your color pencils, markers, and chubbiest crayons and enjoy!

This coloring book features thick lines for small hands still learning to hold their crayons. There’s a single image per page so that masterpieces can be torn out and hung without worrying about what’s on the other side. And the small size (7×10) keeps young artists from feeling frustrated or intimidated by the amount of space they have to color.

Pages: 22
Tags: cute, animals, parents, children, sea creatures, birds, land animals