Book Launch: An Exile Aboard Ship (Shieldmatron 1)


Surela Silin Asaniefa was convinced she could rule the Eldritch people better than her enemy, Liolesa Galare, and for ten whole days following her coup, she made the attempt—and failed. Resigned to her death as a traitor, she was given a choice by the Queen’s newest protege, Reese Eddings: to be executed, or to accept a commuted sentence and attempt to rebuild her life and make amends for her crimes.

To die would have been the act of a dramatic maiden, and as a woman of more sense and years, Surela chooses instead to see what she can make of herself among aliens and mortals. But what begins with cargo runs on an old Terran freighter soon involves pirates and slavers and intergalactic war… and the actions of a traitor might be the salvation of the people she once wronged.

An Exile Aboard Ship kicks off the redemption arc of the villainess from the Her Instruments series. Can Surela earn her wings in the Alliance? Come and see…



Surela was just too good to waste. I hope, when you read this, you’ll agree!

This one was written to stand alone, but it might do better from the context of reading Reese’s adventures first… so it’s probably more properly a sequel to the Her Instruments series (Earthrise – Rose Point – Laisrathera). Go enjoy it, either way!

wiki entry * reading order by chronology

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Haley’s Inks from Book 2!

Another installment, another set of colors! Here are the inks from Haley and the Catfish Invasion:

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Haley’s Inks!

Since some of the editions of Haley’s Cozy System Armageddon are in grayscale, I’m reproducing her ink chart here for the curious. As I said in the backmatter, most of these inks are Diamine because my Diamine inks happened to have names that suited the story, but there’s a scattering of other manufacturers, including my new favorite, Birmingham Pen.

If you’re interested in seeing some reviews of these inks, you’ll find more on my youtube channel. Check it out!

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Book Launch: Zafiil, Volume 1 – FIREBORN UNPAINTED

Enter into the heart of an alien race in the first historical novel set in the Peltedverse…

Thousands of years ago, the God of the Faulfenza promised His people He would send a messiah to lead them into a Golden Age, alongside the Others: aliens who would be to them as brothers and sisters. Not a generation has passed without longing for the fulfillment of that Promise.

Zafiil Paidiiza Qodii has dreamed of finding the Others since she was a child, a dream that spurred her to train as leader of one of the Faulfenza’s galactic scout teams. Against all odds, hers is the ship that makes the prophesied discovery–and reveals the cost of the God’s promises, and the part she is destined to play in His designs…

Zafiil: FireBorn Unpainted begins the epic saga of the Faulfenza’s first contact with the Pelted Alliance, and unveils at last the mysteries of one of the Peltedverse’s most beloved alien races.

Almost thirty years ago, a budding author frustrated with her lack of “novel-length” ideas finally broke that logjam with a novel of enormous proportions, a 256,000-word epic spanning the entire life of an alien from childhood to her death as she experienced one of the most revolutionary periods of her people’s history. A small press offered for it in 2000 and I turned them down after we were unable to come to terms on the contract, and at that point, I put it away to wait… and it has been ever since, while I built canon that relied on its events. I knew that I would eventually return to that manuscript, and in 2020, I started editing the parts I wanted to keep and rewriting the parts that needed it.

Two years later, I am ready to present you with the first volume of a story so large I had to break it in two in order for it to have a paperback edition. In many ways it represents a collaboration between that new writer and the much older, more experienced craftsperson she became, but for all that added experience, it remains true to its original spirit, tone, and sense of life. This is the book I have wanted to release since I finally got that idea big enough for a thousand pages.

Zafiil’s wait is finally over. Go get her story.

Buy now at retailers!

Put it on your Goodreads Shelf

Pre-order Volume 2 (out in late July!)

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Book Launch: In Good Company (Alysha 6)

Trust Your peers….
…unless, of course, one of them is a rogue flouting Fleet’s already lax regulations. But stowaways are the least of the Stardancer’s issues when they are assigned to investigate a mysterious area of space at the behest of an alien allied power. What will the Stardancer find in the depths of the Sargasso? And will it give them reason to dedicate themselves to Fleet’s military mission, as their captain hopes, or to decide that defending the Alliance is someone else’s responsibility?

In Good Company, the sixth Alysha Forrest novel, returns to deep space and the adventure of finding new worlds and new discoveries. And if there might be an AI or two… what’s the Alliance without its many peoples?

Alysha returns in her latest adventure, and this time ‘Star gets the lion’s share of the attention in this tale about mysterious stellar phenomena, aliens, and AIs! All our other favorites from the Stardancer return, including Darya, Steffis, and Felsha. Fans of D-pers, take particular note… lots of fun for you in this one: not just history, but insight into modern D-per society. It’s a big book too, so plenty of popcorn reading here… might even take you more than one Saturday! Unless you are Sporky. I see you, Sporky.😂

Anyway, pick it up at your favorite retailer here!

Put it on your Goodreads shelf, too!

And thank you, as always! I hope you enjoy!

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Book Launch: To Discover and Preserve (Fleet Collection 1)


The ships of the Alliance’s Fleet map the galaxy, police its hundreds of worlds, and run its diplomatic and scientific errands. It’s also the backdrop for the lives of millions of Pelted, a complex work environment filled with opportunities for development, career and relationship alike. Join the crew of the Stardancer and several other ships, and live a day in their life! You’ll take a trip to the vertiginous world of the Phoenix tour a star nursery, answer several distress calls… you might even run down a pirate or two….

To Discover and Preserve collects nine short stories, including four all new reader-requested stories, from the Peltedverse’s military arm, and is a standalone adjunct to the Alysha Forrest series.


Once again I return to the excitement and shenanigans of a reader-funded volume. My plan was to collect the five loose Peltedverse stories set in the Fleet and see if readers wanted me to write some extras. The Kickstarter was clear: extras were wanted! I wrote the three I promised, plus a fourth just because. This is the result: a book of respectable length that works well as an introduction to the Fleet side of the universe, as well as deepening the tapestry for existing readers of the Stardancer series. This book has a nice cross-section, both in theme and tone: there are adventure stories, comedies, slice-of-life, even a little romance and tragedy. Isidore Wyatt’s stories are great “shoot-em-up” milSF-style entertainments, while the Alysha stories are more focused on relationships and leadership/culture issues. There’s even some deep backstory for those who like Maia and want to know more about D-pers with the historical, “The Mayer Directive.”

In short, there’s something for everyone, and I hope readers have as much fun inhaling it as I had fun putting it together. Pick it up here from your favorite retailer!

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Book Launch: Marda Quincesinger, Postulant


When the Adversary shattered the world, the Savior and her Companions kept the remaining pieces from falling into the void. The school they established trains young boys and girls to continue their work, healing the cracks, facing wrongbeasts, and reversing the aims of the Adversary wherever they can.

And all of this is work for heroes, as far as Marda Quincesinger is concerned. She’s more interested in the cake her mother’s baking her for her fourteenth birthday than in taking on the daunting work of an Outremer. But faced with the chance to help her family, she decides to see if she has what it takes to join the Outremers’ ranks.

Full half the hopefuls who arrive for their first year don’t return. Will Marda be one of them? Or will she find the hero in herself?

A gentle story in the tradition of the Chronicles of Narnia, Anne of Green Gables, and Harry Potter.

At long last, the first book in the Coracle series is now available! This series is my answer to ‘where are all the books like the ones I used to read when I was younger.’ I wanted books that were pastoral in nature, didn’t require the children in them to save the world, and took the presence of God for granted. So many books for kids now are about Chosen Ones, around whom the world and epic events revolve. I wanted something about normal kids, something that said ‘your choices matter, and you’re already special.’

And I also wanted a book about a magical world full of floating islands, companion animals, and delicious food. Just in case you were worried it was all high-minded message. (It’s mostly about floating islands, companion animals, delicious food. If there are messages, they’re accidental.)

As a more spiritual work written for all ages, this one comes out under my kid-book name, Maggie Hogarth. I have no idea how it will sell. I’m hoping well enough to make writing the remaining three books an easy decision. If this one makes you happy, tell your friends.

Are you ready for adventure and wonder? Come build your coracle…

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Book(s!) Launch: Dragons’ Fealty and Scions’ Flight, Books 1-2 of Lisinthir’s Heirs

A Double Header!


When he attended their wedding in summer, Lisinthir Lauvet Imthereli, Third of the Chatcaavan Empire, promised his cousins they would see him in spring for the birth of his heirs on Eldritch soil, and to attend the birth of theirs. He returns to a world and a people reviving from their long winter: a new navy; the rescue of their suffering acreage; and the burgeoning of a tenant culture revolving around the new communications and travel networks.

But a prince and a culture aren’t the only things making their return. When a mistake made in the summer season comes back to haunt them, Lisinthir will discover himself torn between warring allegiances… and someone else will have to pay the price. Will their enemies succeed in blighting the promise of the season?

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When the sacrifices of a princess and an alien turn the first attack into a victory for Lisinthir and his allies, their enemies resort to a new threat to disarm them. But they’re not the only ones mobilizing in response to a transformative sacrifice: everywhere, the discontent of their culture’s discards is reaching the boiling point. As the princess and her family prepare for the birth of their heirs, all fate is building toward a final confrontation.

The Empress promised them ten years of peace. Will they see the promise of the fallowtide fulfilled? And what will be the outcome of this final chapter in the saga of the Chatcaavan War?

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Yes, I know, the story of how Lisinthir returned to Escutcheon to name his heirs was supposed to be a 30,000-word novella, not a 204,000-word duology, but… a 204K duology is what you got! The Lisinthir’s Heirs duology wraps up the Fallowtide period; we get to see many familiar faces, and get to know better several newish ones. I hope you enjoy the story!

There’s a read-along post on Locals for those of you who want a book discussion. The post will (obviously!) contain spoilers, so beware… and enjoy! It’s been a long time since I’ve needed 8 months between book releases, but I hope you’ll see why I decided to wait and spring both of these on you… at once!


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Your Votes Needed – New Wingless Cover

I’m prepping for a rebrand of the Princes’ Game series in an effort to make it look more science fictiony rather than horrory. I hired Pixel Operatives to do a few concepts for me… please have a look and tell me what you think of them!

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qonret qabe



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