Book Launch: Dreamhearth (Dreamhealers 3)

Yes, finally I got everything straightened out and a good, clean copy of the book is available at all retailers! Buy at your favorite retailer with this link:

This is Book 3 of Jahir and Vasiht’h’s first series, which introduces them and tells the story of how they met and started a xenotherapy practice together. These are gentle stories, slice of life, friendship forever, quiet sorts of books, and Dreamhearth is definitely in that mold. Don’t expect lots of conflict or adventure… this novel is very much “how do you get along with other people and figure out how to adult.” If that’s what you need right now… well, this is your book!

If you haven’t read this series and think ‘hey, that sounds like my speed’, Book 1 is on sale for 99 cents at all vendors, so go grab that now:

I should also note that the backmatter of Dreamhearth contains some extra material: the case study vignettes and a Jahir & Vasiht’h short story. And of course, thank you to all of you who reviewed. You made the book look loved. 🙂

This is the third book I’ve released this year (and all three have been Pelted books). After my break I will probably resume work on Princes’ Game, but we shall see!

Book Launch: In Extremis (Princes’ Game 5)

Book 5 of the Princes’ Game series–in which space elves re-arrange the political topography of an entire galaxy by fighting, loving, reforming, and killing dragons–is now available at all retailers! Pick it up!  (Link takes you to all retailers so you can pick the one you like best!)

Are you ready to try this series? It’s dark and intense and full of triggers. But unlike Game of Thrones, there are good people in it, and they win. (Or when they lose, it means something.) Bestselling author Nathan Lowell calls it an “unflinching tale of power, pain, and redemption.” I’ve dropped the e-book price on Book 1, Even the Wingless, for Book 5’s launch. Wingless also has one of my favorite audiobook narrations, so if you like audio, you can get it for $1.99 when you buy the e-book. Pick it up here!

I’m super into redemption stories. This one’s going to need six books, but we’re almost there. Memorial Day’s a nice long weekend. Consider spending it with space elves! *grin*

Book Launch: Who is Willing (Alysha 3)

And y’all get the news first! More or less! Here’s the link, which will take you to all the retailers so you can pick the one you like best.

This story’s about friendship, and leadership, and second chances, and figuring out how to work with obnoxious personalities without saving them. It’s also an action story, and a (quasi) military SF story, and (of course) set in the Peltedverse. You can read it as a standalone, or read Second first, which is the story that goes before it. (Alysha’s Fall is more of a prequel to this series.)

It’s got Naysha in it, and Platies, and if you have been longing to learn more of the aquatic species of the Alliance, you must have this one.

I really liked writing this one. And folks, I got to put in some amazingly fun banter. I hope you enjoy it as much as my first readers did. 🙂