Book Launch: To Discover and Preserve (Fleet Collection 1)


The ships of the Alliance’s Fleet map the galaxy, police its hundreds of worlds, and run its diplomatic and scientific errands. It’s also the backdrop for the lives of millions of Pelted, a complex work environment filled with opportunities for development, career and relationship alike. Join the crew of the Stardancer and several other ships, and live a day in their life! You’ll take a trip to the vertiginous world of the Phoenix tour a star nursery, answer several distress calls… you might even run down a pirate or two….

To Discover and Preserve collects nine short stories, including four all new reader-requested stories, from the Peltedverse’s military arm, and is a standalone adjunct to the Alysha Forrest series.


Once again I return to the excitement and shenanigans of a reader-funded volume. My plan was to collect the five loose Peltedverse stories set in the Fleet and see if readers wanted me to write some extras. The Kickstarter was clear: extras were wanted! I wrote the three I promised, plus a fourth just because. This is the result: a book of respectable length that works well as an introduction to the Fleet side of the universe, as well as deepening the tapestry for existing readers of the Stardancer series. This book has a nice cross-section, both in theme and tone: there are adventure stories, comedies, slice-of-life, even a little romance and tragedy. Isidore Wyatt’s stories are great “shoot-em-up” milSF-style entertainments, while the Alysha stories are more focused on relationships and leadership/culture issues. There’s even some deep backstory for those who like Maia and want to know more about D-pers with the historical, “The Mayer Directive.”

In short, there’s something for everyone, and I hope readers have as much fun inhaling it as I had fun putting it together. Pick it up here from your favorite retailer!

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