Book Launch: Marda Quincesinger, Postulant


When the Adversary shattered the world, the Savior and her Companions kept the remaining pieces from falling into the void. The school they established trains young boys and girls to continue their work, healing the cracks, facing wrongbeasts, and reversing the aims of the Adversary wherever they can.

And all of this is work for heroes, as far as Marda Quincesinger is concerned. She’s more interested in the cake her mother’s baking her for her fourteenth birthday than in taking on the daunting work of an Outremer. But faced with the chance to help her family, she decides to see if she has what it takes to join the Outremers’ ranks.

Full half the hopefuls who arrive for their first year don’t return. Will Marda be one of them? Or will she find the hero in herself?

A gentle story in the tradition of the Chronicles of Narnia, Anne of Green Gables, and Harry Potter.

At long last, the first book in the Coracle series is now available! This series is my answer to ‘where are all the books like the ones I used to read when I was younger.’ I wanted books that were pastoral in nature, didn’t require the children in them to save the world, and took the presence of God for granted. So many books for kids now are about Chosen Ones, around whom the world and epic events revolve. I wanted something about normal kids, something that said ‘your choices matter, and you’re already special.’

And I also wanted a book about a magical world full of floating islands, companion animals, and delicious food. Just in case you were worried it was all high-minded message. (It’s mostly about floating islands, companion animals, delicious food. If there are messages, they’re accidental.)

As a more spiritual work written for all ages, this one comes out under my kid-book name, Maggie Hogarth. I haveĀ no idea how it will sell. I’m hoping well enough to make writing the remaining three books an easy decision. If this one makes you happy, tell your friends.

Are you ready for adventure and wonder? Come build your coracle…