Book(s!) Launch: Dragons’ Fealty and Scions’ Flight, Books 1-2 of Lisinthir’s Heirs

A Double Header!


When he attended their wedding in summer, Lisinthir Lauvet Imthereli, Third of the Chatcaavan Empire, promised his cousins they would see him in spring for the birth of his heirs on Eldritch soil, and to attend the birth of theirs. He returns to a world and a people reviving from their long winter: a new navy; the rescue of their suffering acreage; and the burgeoning of a tenant culture revolving around the new communications and travel networks.

But a prince and a culture aren’t the only things making their return. When a mistake made in the summer season comes back to haunt them, Lisinthir will discover himself torn between warring allegiances… and someone else will have to pay the price. Will their enemies succeed in blighting the promise of the season?

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When the sacrifices of a princess and an alien turn the first attack into a victory for Lisinthir and his allies, their enemies resort to a new threat to disarm them. But they’re not the only ones mobilizing in response to a transformative sacrifice: everywhere, the discontent of their culture’s discards is reaching the boiling point. As the princess and her family prepare for the birth of their heirs, all fate is building toward a final confrontation.

The Empress promised them ten years of peace. Will they see the promise of the fallowtide fulfilled? And what will be the outcome of this final chapter in the saga of the Chatcaavan War?

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Yes, I know, the story of how Lisinthir returned to Escutcheon to name his heirs was supposed to be a 30,000-word novella, not a 204,000-word duology, but… a 204K duology is what you got! The Lisinthir’s Heirs duology wraps up the Fallowtide period; we get to see many familiar faces, and get to know better several newish ones. I hope you enjoy the story!

There’s a read-along post on Locals for those of you who want a book discussion. The post will (obviously!) contain spoilers, so beware… and enjoy! It’s been a long time since I’ve needed 8 months between book releases, but I hope you’ll see why I decided to wait and spring both of these on you… at once!


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