Happy New Year, Everypeople! and News!

I’m still recombobulating after the holiday season, but I wanted to bring you up to date with a few things:

  • First, In the Court of Dragons, the new collection, is out! Eight new stories about major characters (Reese, Hirianthial, Sediryl, Val, the Queen Ransomed) and minor characters (Everdawn and Cirrus, the females of the harem, Tolden and his friends, Juzie the rebellious child bride from Family). If you didn’t pick it up during the Kickstarter, you can get the print/ebook at retailers now. Here’s the write up!
  • Second, the newest audio chapter of Amulet Rampant is now available! That’s donateware, so if you feel like it, drop me a buck to help pay for the narration. (It’s about $200 an audio hour, if you’re curious.)
  • This is the time of year I decide on my loss leaders (the series starters that I set free at retailers)… and in 2021 I’ve decided that both Earthrise and Mindtouch will be free! If you want to get your friends into the Peltedverse, now you can pick where you want them to enter: adventure or pastoral! Go for it! *grin* Here are the URLs to give out: https://books2read.com/earthrise and https://books2read.com/mindtouch.
  • Finally: Patreon broke something relating to Discord (without, as usual, warning us). If you find yourself unable to see or talk on the Discord server, please say so in #picnicfield so that one of the mods can restore your permissions. Sorry about that… I’m still trying to find out what got changed and I’m not having any luck.

I have some other stuff I need to get sorted (relating to art that’s available for sale, and my streaming/painting schedule), but that’s going to have to wait for next week after school is back in session and I’ve settled into the usual weekday routine.

That’s all for now, and I hope you’re having a great Monday! đŸ’–

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