Book Launch: In the Court of Dragons


Sweeping cultural changes sound very good on paper. But in the lives of normal people, even the ones who stand to benefit, those changes can be a challenge… one they might not have even asked for. In the Court of Dragons collects eight stories of the period after the events of the Chatcaavan War, focusing on changes both personal and widespread: old favorites return and new characters make their debut as we follow the effects of the war on everything from the imperial harem to the nascent Eldritch newsroom. What are the Faulfenza up to in the capital? What was the fate of the palace castrates? And who taught an Eldritch to… bungee jump?

This reader-commissioned collection includes stories written by the author at reader request. Come home to the Alliance with these tales of hope, renewal, comedy, and romance.

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In the Court of Dragons is my second “reader-guided, reader-commissioned” volume of shorts, building on the success of Major Pieces; that latter collection was so fun I decided we should do it again, and here are the results! It was a great choice for the latter part of 2020, because I felt we needed to do a community project, something for us to look forward to… so after each vote told me what you wanted me to write, I let you all look in on the draft and share comments with each other and me, and talk over the next choices on Discord, and it inspired a lot more positivity than I think we might have had access to otherwise.

Plus, we got some really fun new characters out of it. I hope you’ll like meeting Firemint and Kirthander and Tolden and all the rest as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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