Busy Jaguar

What I’m up to:

  • Finalizing the last book of the year, In the Court of Dragons, the Kickstarter-enabled volume of Peltedverse shorts… nearly done!
  • Finally taking the bull by the horns and fighting ACX to release my audiobooks so I can shut down my account there and move to a less egregious audiobook distribution system. Expect availability of my audio editions to fluctuate while I’m working through this; your best bet is to buy direct via bandcamp, for now.
  • Attempting a refresh of my author website here (in progress) and researching e-commerce options (sort of working, but not to my standards yet).
  • Staring at the mess that is Patreon and making high level plans how to liberate my content from them as well.

Backseat for now: art, streaming, video. I’m planning to get back to that, but it’ll be a while. Likewise, I haven’t had any chance to work on the wiki for some time, which is a bit of a pain since I need to update it with all the new things from Court of Dragons.

My next writing project, which I’ll return to after publishing Court, will be Zafiil, which is already 3/5ths done. My vague timeline for both volumes of that duology is early spring 2021.

If you’ve sent me a message I probably haven’t seen it, and I’m not likely to be available/online until next year. I will, however, keep you apprised of new developments as appropriate. Thanks, excellent readers!