Painting the Unicorn! Youtube! And Audiobooks!

I continue my experiments with water-miscible oils, this time on a larger canvas:


I will add his horn back in, promise!

I’m livestreaming this process on Twitch, but the captures are ending up on my youtube channel. You can see the first two here:

I’m still trying to figure out this process (streaming with the easel instead of the desk), and also with the new camera. Every new stream I get a little closer to something I’m happy with, though. Particularly with Spouse to help!

Meanwhile, another hour and a half of the Amulet Rampant audiobook has dropped! You can get that here, on bandcamp. Tomorrow is Bandcamp’s no-commission day, but honestly I’m not expecting to make back what I’ve spent on this so far. You can donate there (today or tomorrow as it pleases you!), or you can use the paypal link if you want to donate. At this rate, donations are far enough behind that if I run into a budgetary snag we’ll probably have to quit… but for now, I am okay, and I am treating this as my 2020 gift to myself. Enjoy it with me, if you want!

That’s the news for now!

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