News! Kickstarter, Annual Memberships at Patreon, and Streaming (Today!)

Cool stuff coming or available now!

  • First, I’ve enabled annual memberships for Patreon! If you are sick of the monthly payment charge, you can now go buy an entire year at once. You even get a 5% discount! Here’s a guide to make the switch. (Because some of you will ask, neither is “better” for me. It’s nice to have monthly income; it’s nice to have the lump sum. Go with what’s best for you!)
  • I’m back to streaming the sketchbook scan today on Twitch! Stream starts at 1 PM EST! If you missed the first 30ish pages, it’s up on youtube. This is all in service of me making plans for how to make this more fun/interesting for all of us. Stay tuned…
  • My Kickstarter campaign for the new collection has been approved! My plan is to launch the last day of September (so next Wednesday). Check out the preview here; you can use that page to be notified when the project goes live!

More as things develop! I am excite, and I hope you are too! 🎉

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