New Audiobook Chapter, Amulet Rampant! Not Particularly Worksafe!

Chapter 3 is up, and it’s an hour and a half long! And it is probably not at all safe for work, because the cuddle begins in this one. Jahir and Lisinthir fans, rejoice! You get to hear their interactions purred in your ears by the inimitable Jim McCance. We also get a little bit of the Queen and the Knife, for Chatcaava lovers.

Go get it at bandcamp!

For those of you who aren’t aware what I’m up to with this, it wasn’t my plan to finish the audio edition of Princes’ Game. But since readers have asked, I’m letting them crowdfund this one, chapter by chapter. It’s free to listen on Bandcamp, but you can donate there, or use the Paypal link I’ve provided instead if you prefer that method. Once I hit the $200 an hour I need, I commission the next chapter.

I hope audiobook lovers are enjoying this one as much as I am!

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