Tentative Plans (2020-2022)

Because nothing survives contact with the enemy (time), these are only *tentative* plans. But here’s how I’m thinking the next couple of years will go:
  • Pelted Pack (2020-2021): Alysha 7, Zafiil 1 and 2, Dragons’ Fealty and Another Collection
  • Other Stuff (2021-2022): Kherishdar 5, Coracle 1-4, maybe a Jokka short or novella
  • Back to Pelted (2022): Surela’s trilogy
I am about halfway through Alysha 7, about halfway through Zafiil 1 and 2, and the other two projects are at the outlining/planning phase. And I want to talk more about that last bit, because I have decided I want my end of year work to be another Major Pieces-like project on Kickstarter! Last time was too much fun, I’d like to have another chance to do a reader-interactive thing again.
Even if I didn’t, some of the stuff I want to do for this collection is necessary pre-writing for Dragons’ Fealty, so I’d probably end up either doing it, or outlining it so specifically it might as well be written… so why not combine that stuff with some reader requests?
Having said that, Many Lessons Were Learned during the Major Pieces campaign, so I am planning this new campaign to address those things.
I have been spending a lot of time at the end of this week, trying to decide what to do with myself going forward, but now I feel more confident. I hope there’s something for everyone to look forward to on this list!
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