Painting Available: Lace and White Roses

Size: 15.5″x7″
Medium: Gouache and Glitter Watercolor
Price: $2500. (Expect $150 for shipping in the US). Layaway Available.
Discounts: 10% military; first time collectors receive 5% off and free shipping.
Supplement Material Available: Yes
Contact the artist at haikujaguar at gmail to inquire further.

Posters, Mugs, Shirts, Notebooks, Magnets available at Zazzle
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The original sketch for this drawing has been waiting for paint for years… maybe it knew it needed time for me to discover watercolors with glitter in them? I don’t know, but I glittered the living daylights out of this piece and it deserved every flashing mica particle of it. The result is a rich piece that changes character from every angle you view it… which makes it nearly impossible to photograph or reproduce. Which is as it should be, I think. An original should be unique and irreplaceable, and when you receive it you should feel like you have something special, an experience that can’t be duplicated.

Attempts to Photograph Sparkle

From a story perspective, it also made sense: I wanted to draw Reese happy, finally, in one of the fairy tale dresses she loved to read about, and this piece of her serene and content amid her winter roses, in a winter ball gown, was just right. Allacazam, naturally, had to be along! And in one of my favorite minor stories about this piece, one of my friends looked at all the color tests and said “I like this one best, but her face is in shadow and she deserves better.” I agreed with both her points, chose the scheme… and changed the face, so that Reese could be a source of light.

The supplemental material for “Lace and White Roses” includes the color tests I did to decide where I wanted the light and shadows, and is available on request as a companion to the original. I suggest framing them together, or you could keep it as provenance for the piece itself: the hand of the artist, working out challenges.

Supplemental Material

I had a lot of fun with this one. Reese deserved her moment.