Book Launch: Fathers’ Honor (a Peltedverse Novel)


When his favorite student invites him to immigrate to the world of the fabled Eldritch, Armin Palland brings his wife and mother-in-law and all the unresolved issues he’s been avoiding. That he arrives to a planet without a university to employ him leaves him stranded with nothing to do but what he does best: turn his psychology degree and analytical powers on the plight of the natives… and one native in particular.

But it was never his intention to get involved with an Eldritch father, much less an Eldritch father AND a middle-aged intransigent Glaseah, neither of whom will let him crawl back into his comfortable shell. There’s a road between Armin and his life-altering epiphany, and it’s going to take him straight through a hospital ward, several weeks of language lessons, and his first attempt at… wargaming?

And they say old dogs can’t learn new tricks….

Familiar friends from the Dreamhealers series take center stage for this standalone Peltedverse novel, set during the Fallowtide period after the end of the Chatcaavan War.

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I’ve been referring to Vasiht’h’s father being at loose ends for at least two books now… and Haladir has been in the hospital for closer to three. Resolving their issues with the arrival of yet another middle-aged dad with no clear picture what to do with himself… well, let’s just say what happened next felt like an inevitability. I really enjoyed moving sideways to investigate the lives of some minor characters who are very important to our majors, and in the process saying something about language, and gaming, and calligraphy, and what it’s like to be married a long time, along with a laundry list of other topics. And sometimes the digressions teach you more than the planned books, though those are coming too!

Until they arrive, then, enjoy this novel about three days getting their grooves back. It’s another book about friendship, and maybe a little bit about midlife crises, and very definitely about how to move on when life throws you curveballs you fail to return. And don’t forget, now you can consult the wiki for things like floor plans of Ingleside and cute portraits of Armin’s mom-in-law! Don’t miss it!


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