Book Launch: Who is Willing (Alysha 3)

And y’all get the news first! More or less! Here’s the link, which will take you to all the retailers so you can pick the one you like best.

This story’s about friendship, and leadership, and second chances, and figuring out how to work with obnoxious personalities without saving them. It’s also an action story, and a (quasi) military SF story, and (of course) set in the Peltedverse. You can read it as a standalone, or read Second first, which is the story that goes before it. (Alysha’s Fall is more of a prequel to this series.)

It’s got Naysha in it, and Platies, and if you have been longing to learn more of the aquatic species of the Alliance, you must have this one.

I really liked writing this one. And folks, I got to put in some amazingly fun banter. I hope you enjoy it as much as my first readers did. 🙂

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