Where Do I Start?


I’d like to read your books! Where should I start?

mindtouch-cover-ebook earthrise-cover-for-ks amelie-morgan1-bookcover-ebook
These three books are the first books in my bestselling series. If you’ve never read anything by me, and want science fiction, start with one of these two: Mindtouch for pastoral/gentle, and Earthrise for adventure. They’re set in the same universe (the Pelted setting), so if you liked one of them, you can move on to the other when you’re done. If you prefer fantasy, go with An Heir to Thorns and Steel. You can see the rest of my novels, coloring books, and children’s books on the Books page.

What are your latest releases?

Haley and Nana’s Best House, the fourth installment in my wholesome LitRPG series, is my newest release!

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