…penciled four pages of the comic and finished inking one; the other three are in various stages of ink.

…mailed off all the Kickstarter stuff, sent lots of messages about unpaid postage, updated a lot of fulfillment spreadsheets. I also broke down and put away a lot of empty boxes…!

…did accounting, including a breakdown of numbers on the audiobook sales (which are split into six categories, each earning different numbers…!).

…put together the Admonishments cover from blank template to nearly completed layout.

…listened to and approved another two chapters of the Godkin audiobook.

…received and read the suggested edits for Book 2 of the Godkindred duology, which I then prepared for work next week.

…and wrote 20 pages (and a half) of the Jokka sequel, which is now 1/3rd the size of a proper novel… and growing.

All that I did around building tent fortresses, drawing with and bathing/feeding/etc my daughter, who was a touch frustrated at the boring day at home, but geez, we have been driving all week and I am tired of it. I also folded laundry, but honestly didn’t do much housework beyond tidy some of the growing piles of coloring and workbooks. Oh, and I made a Dutch Baby with the new gluten-free flour, which is mostly garbanzo beans. Very meaty sort of flour, that. I am still experimenting with it.

Saturday was… fun. And I realize now that it’s because most of the day I spent making stuff, rather than administrating stuff. And because I spent most of the day making stuff, I didn’t begrudge the adminstrivia quite so much.

So this is about the ratio I want on making vs. business-dealing. Alas that I can’t swing it most days. If I only have eight hours a week and without the administrivia I can’t get the products out the door that feed the family, well… those eight hours get spent on product prep, and creating has to wait for the spare time stolen from sleep.

Still, it feels good to pay for stuff. Last week I wrote a check to Daughter’s reading center. For the whole school year.

*nods* I did that. And you too. :)

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