Whimsy: Bring Your Character to Work Day

If there’s anything quite as disconcerting to me when I’m working as a book that keeps growing, I don’t know what it is. But Mindtouch keeps not ending. That’s okay, really: the book needs the length, so I am willing to give it. But it’s a little distressing when the book you thought would be lucky to hit 40,000 words is pushing 100,000. I hope you all are ready for a lot of xenotherapist meet-cute!

Anyway, while going through my closet I found this wonderful plush Shaddragon made for me way, way back when and thought: Here! A wonderful way to combat my anxiety! So Vasiht’h is coming with me to work. He’s a therapist, right? And he’s soft and pose-able! This makes him twice as calming!

Vasiht’h at home with me, having a look at page one of the novel. I really didn’t feel like working last night, so I tucked him next to me as incentive. It helped, since I dutifully wrote about thirteen pages before quitting for the night.

On the commute! My phone’s always banging around so I gave Vasiht’h the job of keeping it in place. He did well until the ambulance made me swerve off the road.

He liked the 80s alternative station, though we agree that Depeche Mode is more Lisinthir than Jahir.

And we made it to work! I use my fifteen minute breaks to write a few paragraphs, though today I’m likely to be too busy for that. He makes good company, though. And very helpful, as you can see.

Maybe before I go home I can photograph him on campus. The book does take place on one! The appropriateness is pleasing. >.<

Today, in addition to having mini-Vasiht'h with me, I am also wearing the Stone Moon necklace Kythryne made after reading the Jokka trilogy. I am an amazingly lucky artist, to have inspired such wonderful gifts. It’s hard not to be grateful, even standing at the day job desk. :)

Anyway. Onward! The Guidebook may be late, but it will go up this week.

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