What’s Your Pleasure?

I am tentatively working out my publishing schedule for next year. I have new books I know I will definitely be writing—Laisrathera and the sequel to Heir—but I wanted to write at least one more new novel-length work, possibly two, depending on my schedule and… it’s wide open right now!

So, given that those two things are definitely happening, what would you like to see next year? :)

Suggestions as they come in:

1. Sword of the Alliance (Captain Alysha Forrest’s first major mission) ||||||
2. More Jokka |||||
3. More Kherishdar ||||||||||||||
4. Faerie Farmer ||||||||||||
5. Business Book (nonfiction) |
6. Spots ||||
7. Moar Chatcaava |||
8. Lisinthir |

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Genderqueer sci-fantasy writer, animal geek, conlanger, pyrographer, painter, doodler, jewelry artisan, web designer, Kemetic, and musician. Snake-crazy.
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