Wednesday! With Comic, News, and Half-Dragon-Person Art!

A one page interlude here, before we move to the next large storyline.


Kickstarter news! We are currently sitting at 117% funded! And we have stretch goals for cover art! $650 will get us a colored line art cover; $1250 will get us a fully painted one. We’re already $175 toward that first $650 goal… let’s see if we can get closer!

Today’s update sees me digging into some of my private Mike Raabe art stash. Come see some pictures!


Fabulous (and long!) new review of Mindtouch: …”Mindtouch is a story about coming of age, in a way. It’s a story about finding yourself – a story about carving your own path where one has not been laid. It’s about friendship, and about trust. It’s about walking into a world where no one matches you, forcing your way into some small niche, and realizing that there’s been someone waiting for you there the whole time. And it’s about finding out what to do with that person when you find them.”


Some silly art now. I’ve been enjoying my Flight Rising play, but as usual I start thinking. My first question was: this is a game where you breed dragons, sell the babies and send the rest of them off to fight for treasure. Who the heck am I? Other than obviously an amoral slave-trader? -_-

That couldn’t stand, of course, so I decided to draw myself as a half-dragon, half-spirit, half-humanoid and I know that’s more than three halves but she’s magic. Here she is, playing with genetics. HUSH SHE’S DOING SCIENCE.

I am micahjaguar over there if you want to send me a friend request. :)

Also, I hate markers for not acting like real paint. ARRRGH.

And that’s it for now! Rose Point is eating all my writing time, but I should have an Ai-Naidari Guidebook update tomorrow.

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