Wednesday with Chocolate

Word of the Day
potvaliancy, n. : Brave only as a result of being drunk.

There are some words that English is just awesome for having. This is one of them.

Daughter at 5 Years
For my birthday, Engineer Sam sent me a selection of chocolate bars (to power Artist Jaguar, of course), three of which I’ve been hoarding because they’re 100% cacao bars. My last local access to 100% bars vanished years ago when the chocolate shop closed, and since then I haven’t had any unless Engineer Sam’s shipped them to me. These bars have no sugar in them. They are pure cacao mass. They aren’t a sweet so much as a food: you eat them to experience the flavor of the cacao, which can be fruity or spicy or floral or earthy, depending on the source. And you can’t eat a lot of it, because it needs savoring and it is pop-your-eyes-open intense. The only way it could get more intense is if you added a little salt to it.

I broke open one of these bars after breakfast the other day and carefully—slowly—ate two of the four squares. I left them on the kitchen table to go get a shower, figuring they’d be safe from Child… they’re not dessert, after all. There’s no sugar in them. Most adults won’t even take a second bite of them.

So I’m in the shower and Child comes traipsing in. “Mommy?” she says. “There’s chocolate on the table.”

Very casual-like. ‘Oh yes, it’s not a big deal, why, we can talk about this like reasonable people.’

“Yes,” I said through the glass wall.

“Can I have some?” she asked.

Why not? I thought. She’ll have a taste and probably spit it out. “Sure,” I said. “As long as you’ve finished breakfast. But just one square.”

“Yay!” she said. “Thank you, Mommy!” And dashed off to claim her prize.

Mommy, pleased with herself and completely relaxed, returned to washing. As the minutes stretched on, she became entirely sure that All was Well and waited with interest for Child to return with a report on her findings.

Which Child did, crazily bouncing. “MOMMY MOMMY! I had the CHOCOLATE! And it was the BEST CHOCOLATE I’ve EVER TASTED!”

“Really?” I said, stunned.

“Yes!” she said.

“But… there’s no sugar in that chocolate, sweets,” I said, half-certain that just saying so would make her not want it anymore.

“It tastes sweet to me!” she said. “Can I have the other square, please??”

“Sure?” I said, bemused. And then more distinctly, “Go ahead. It’s not like it’s candy.”

“YAY!” she said, and zoomed off, leaving me to finish my shower and wonder if she’d actually gotten into some secret stash of sugared chocolate I hadn’t known about. But no, when I got out to the kitchen and checked the table, my two squares of Domori were gone.

“Was it really the best chocolate you’ve ever had?” I asked her later.

“Yes,” she said without hesitation.

Like mother, like daughter, I guess…!

Creative News/Plans
I need to pack those 3 Jaguars packages to send this week, but otherwise I seem to be taking my vacation early. I’m doing very little except writing Jokka Book 3 (which as I mentioned previously, is “fun”, not “work”). I’m also messing with Ai-Naidari adjectives… not to “work” on the Guidebook, which is still scheduled for January, but to have “fun” doing language stuff. Insomuch as the language stuff is fun and not crazy-making. I woke up the other day trying not to chew through my pillow in frustration about the adjectives changing placement based on what they’re modifying… argh!

Elsewhere (The Artists are Crazy Edition)
Hyper-Realistic Pastel Portrait of Poseidon. 8o
You Never Realized Quite How Intense Pixar’s Attention to Detail Was. 8o

Quote of the Day
Reading is a conversation. All books talk. But a good book listens as well. -Mark Haddon

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