Tired Jaguar is Tired?

I am thinking of doing something crazy and… taking a month off. Next month, December. I’ve worked like a dog this year, like crazy. I’ve run five Kickstarter campaigns, issued five books (in eleven editions), one short story collection and an additional seven audiobooks; I did two months’ worth of web comic backlog, dumped stuff into my Zazzle store, wrote business columns, finished five big paintings and did some number of drawings, set up two new websites (mcahogarth.org and threejaguarscomic.net)…

Finished writing one novel… started and finished another…

You know, it’s taken me long this realize, but I’m tired.

There’s stuff I can’t afford to drop for a month; I still have some audiobook work to do, and I have the Kickstarter fulfillment to finish up. But I’m thinking of doing away with the rest of my checklists until next year. If I do any “work” it will be because I feel like it, not because I feel obliged to hit a deadline.

That actually sounds kind of nice?

How much you want to bet that resolution will last a week? -_-


  1. I just finished NaNoWriMo yesterday, so I know exactly how you feel. By that same merit, I know that I will go stir-crazy if I take more than a couple days off from creative work.

    Have you considered taking just a 48 hour reprieve from work, with an energy level review period after that? You can always hit the “snooze alarm” again if you need more time.

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