Thursday with Scattered

Still trying to get my balance back… I’m always scattered/emptied when I finish a novel. Finishing a trilogy is particularly circuit-blowing.

Word of the Day
sangfroid, n. Freedom from agitation or excitement of mind; coolness in trying circumstances; calmness.

From the French, literally “cold blood.”

Daughter at 5 Years
I miss my kid.

I know intellectually that she was lonely for lack of other kids. I know she’s enjoying school. I know that once she goes to first grade in fall she’ll be gone most of the day, so even if I stayed home I wouldn’t be spending more time with her.

I know that my job is paying for this school, and I know I picked the very best one I could find to give her the best start in life. I know intellectually that sitting here in this office is the easiest way to secure that future for her.

But I still miss my kid.

Creative News/Plans
The Jokka books are done! They are marinating in the hands of their first-readers now. This has freed up my head to… start making notes on the next Ai-Naidari novel. *shaking head* And this when I know I throw my weight into the things that need doing, like audiobook approval, managing art and graphic design stuff, updating my website and meta-data, tidying up older e-books with unappealing formatting and planning for any cons or Kickstarters I’d like to do this year.

But I am making notes. On Four Tales of the Tryst. *sigh*

To be honest I need to sit back and put a few hours into seriously gearing down my operations. Commuting takes a lot out of me. I must remind myself this is the year of the contractor and actually find myself some contract labor.

Which reminds me, I need to finish my taxes this weekend. :P

Elsewhere (The Creative Stuff Edition)
Should You Be Writing Right Now? In handy flowchart form!
Useful Advice for Artists. In nine words!

Quote of the Day
No matter how successful you get, always send the elevator back down. ~ Jack Lemmon

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