Three Jaguars has updated!

Actually it updated at 7 AM EST, but I don’t have social media ironed out over on that website so the tweet didn’t go out. For those of you who prefer it, there is an RSS feed; if you read on Livejournal, I just syndicated it there as mca-3jaguars. If your habit is just to check bookmarks, the comic will always be scheduled to go up at 7 AM EST (barring misfortunate), so you can check the site then.

Remember… donations in the cup over there go towards putting up Friday episodes! Who knows, if there’s enough money going in there I might start posting faster. (Yes, I did the calculations and know how many more comics I’d have to do and how much time I’d have to spend to go from 3-a-week to 5-a-week. So I know how much I’d have to make to recoup the time!)

Anyway. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours “rescuing” the original storylines I did on bad contracts and free publicity. Those were in storyboard form, but with some tweaking I got most of them onto the same format comic pages. I’ll have to redraw two or three, but doing that meant I got to save the art (some of which I really liked) and the storylines (which had good information in them).

I’ve got a countdown on my magnet board for the year of comic pages I have to draw for 2013. I am already whittling them away! I’ve done 34! 122 to go!

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