This is Not a Photo of 233 Markers

…which is how many markers I could have bought had I used all the Kickstarter money left after expenses… on markers.

No, I bought 11, and I am happy with that. Three of them were colors for people who named specific ones for their doodles that I didn’t have. The rest, Daughter and I chose, an act of great entertainment for us both since it involved us sitting on the floor in front of the display stand, taking down colors, uncapping them, trying them on a paper and then (mostly) putting them back.

She liked the pinks and bright colors best. Mommy liked the muted colors. We compromised. -_-

The money I didn’t spend went into savings, as you might expect. But I still have a fantasy of strolling into the art store and casually buying 233 markers! And for that fantasy, I thank you. It’s like imagining what you would do with lottery money, art-flavor. :)

So what would you do with lottery money?

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