This is a Mundane Post

…for I have been very lazy.

There’s new art up. I’ve diverted from the topic of family back to the topic of friendship, and so three new pictures featuring different friends. I like the last one very much.

I am sorely too exhausted to write much, but I ekked out 670 words on the office story and edited Miya’s tale, which is now called “Snow in Summer, Flowers in Fall.” That one is just about ready to go out, I think. Since I was too fried to work on fiction, I started a new article on surviving poor experiences on convention panels. When I’m done with it I’ll check to see if the Broadsheet’s interested. This was inspired by (tired) enthusiasm for upcoming conventions in May and September: I filled out the Noreascon program survey today.

Battling Entropy
Did you thwart the decay in the universe today? Tell me about it! I’m too tired to hunt for it, but I really want to know. I could use some good, happy stories, even if they’re as simple as ‘I was nice to someone at the check-out’ or ‘I didn’t step on an ant today.’

Anniversaries and Greetings
Have I really had this journal a year now? It must be so, because they’re asking me for money. *laugh* Whatever the case, I seem to have acquired many new people recently! I greet you all, new people. Introduce yourselves if you like, or lurk if you prefer!

Too tired to make sense. Not very productive day. Must sleep now!

Stardancer Home.

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