The Trilogy in Person!

I think they look stellar together! Books 2 and 3, of course, haven’t seen print yet at all, so their interiors were all new, but Shell got an interior remake to go with its new cover, and now includes “Fire in the Void” and the lead-in to Book 2.

And the spines, when you put them on the shelf together: Thenet, Keshul, Pathen. I think Kit did a fantastic job on these. :)

Book 2 is already on sale. I just okayed Book 1, and the new edition should hit shelves by Monday/Tuesdayish. Book 3 will go up probably a few days later; I wanted to correct an imperfection that probably no one else would notice.

And this lets me rest about the Jokka! For a while, anyway. I am trying to talk out the possibility of audiobook editions, but my pocketbook and I have to have that fight and I think it might win.

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