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Help the Author Sanitize the Pelted Timeline!

Here’s the link!

Some notes:

  • Under type, ‘chronology’ refers to modern events discussed in the books that further the plot, while ‘history’ refers to backstory, things in the past, things that happened outside books, or literally history (like the founding of the Alliance). ‘Lifespan’ is generic information on how long things live, while ‘character age’ is specific to a person and might be literal (“he’s twenty-two years old”) or relative (“he’s older than this other person by twelve years”).
  • So ‘relative or absolute’ refers to whether I make a definitive statement. “He’s 22” and “it happened in 22 BA” are absolute statements, while “he’s older than his brother by two years” and “it happened two hundred years ago” are relative.
  • All contributions are useful and welcome! Even if you only toss in one mention because you happen to be re-reading something and you happen to be next to a computer, that’s a huge help! <3


  • As you can see, I am working on the logo! It will become a sticker for you!
  • People who contribute mightily will get drawn and/or mentioned in some future book as part of a historical society. Please be thinking about whether your historical society persona is different from your normal Pelted avatar. 😀