The New Computer is Here!

For the first time in… hmm. Longer than I can remember, I have an actual new, came-in-a-box computer! No, wait, I bought this laptop, but I went looking for a cheap one to serve as a dumb terminal, not a workhorse computer (so naturally it’s the one I ended up with when my “real” computer died a year back! Or, I guess, two years? It’s 2013 now).

But anyway. Look! New computer! *bounce* It is super-fast and has terrifying storage. It very handily broadcasts high quality livestreams, opens my ancient copy of Photoshop so fast I worry that it’s actually broken, and probably does a lot of cool stuff I don’t know yet because I am still doing a lot of file transferring. Like, many many gigabytes of file transferring. *checks dialog box* I’m on hour four of seven!

But yes. Squee!

And also, Windows 8 makes me want to tap my monitor. Which is not a touch-screen. But it now looks like a phone! Why, Windows? Why are you confusing me!

(It’s not actually that bad. Just… weird.)

Anyway. Off to make a list of all the programs I have to reinstall. So I can do that tomorrow, since it’s already super-late today. -_-

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