The Experiment Continues….


I admit, the fact that these things can be thinned with water is a touch bewildering. When you first add water to them, they are stubborn and clumpy, like oil paint, but if you keep at it they reach a point where they abruptly collapse and start acting like watercolors. O_O

That point is different for each paint (not a surprise–different colors have always had different temperaments: I’m looking at you, Alizarin Crimson), so there’s a definite learning curve there. Not a difficult one, just… it’s there.

My verdict on these is still that I love them–I really love them–but the disposal of my painting rag/water is beginning to concern me. I can’t find an elegant way to get rid of it. I could float it in water like some kind of bizarre aquarium (the suggestion on the paint box), but that’s just asking for trouble. The hazardous waste disposal procedure for individuals in my county requires driving yourself to the solid waste plant and delivering it, which suggests I should be keeping them around until I have enough waste to make it worth the trip. But that would require me to keep a slowly growing mound of materials everyone insists could spontaneously combust if I look at it wrong, and that just seems like trouble. Particularly for someone as poorly grounded in reality as I am.

So, I am puzzled. I have spent… um… a lot of money on this experiment. And I love the results. But the practical parts of it haven’t gone away. (Though the practical part of me wonders why they tell me I can wash the brushes in the sink with soap and water if I have to dispose of the paint water in some kind of nuclear incinerator.)

It’s almost tempting to go back to acrylics and see if I can make them work the way oils do with the judicious overuse of mediums.

I have made one resolution though: no more buying supplies until I sell some art, because oh-de-lally, wow. My bill for this is stupid. Anyone want a slightly tacky dragon painting? >.>

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