The Earthrise Book Cover Artist, Revealed!

I said this would be the year of me hiring amazing talent, but I honestly had no idea how amazing. One of them is the artist who’ll be doing my book cover for Eathrise, and she is the amazingly (have I used that word enough?) talented, award-winning Julie Dillon!

(Pause for “omg squee!!”)

Julie’s done a lot of illustration work in SF/F, including the cover for the newest Piers Anthony novel from Tor. Most recently she completed a calendar for Llewellyn’s 2014 Astrology Calendar: some of you might have seen me re-tweeting those as they went up because they were gorgeous! She’s got a deviantart account here, and you get get prints of her amazing (there’s that word again) work over at Society6.

Today she turned in some thumbnails for the Earthrise cover and gave me the delightful and impossible job of picking one of them. I like them all! What do you think?

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