Tarpon Springs

Today the family decided to make a trek out to Tarpon Springs, home of the world-famous sponge docks and Greek community. We stopped first to breathe in the air at the waters that touch the sea.

Look, a boat full of Flitzbe tourists! Okay, okay. More seriously: lots and lots of sea sponges. I got one for Spouse and me and one for Child, and they are soft and squishy and perfect for washing.

…and then we ate a Greek meal—so many delicious tomatoes— and followed it with a trip to a Greek bakery.

I’m afraid I ate one of those things drizzled in chocolate: it was some sort of honey-soaked walnut-and-cinnamon thing that wasn’t called baklava but certainly shared sensibilities with it. There was also Greek coffee, which was strong like a kick to the brow. I am awake now!

The history of Tarpon Springs is fascinating. Wikipedia’s entry doesn’t do justice to it, with the intimation of a large sponge industry in an entire other country migrating here and finding sponge gold on the bottom of the gulf; for a while, sponges were Florida’s leading export (not citrus!). This is a better link, and it’s fascinating stuff. A sponge industry: who would have thought? What strange things humans fixate on.

Anyway. A good time, and so much sun. We have cookies made with almond flour and almond paste, halva, Greek honey and seashells. Life is good.

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