Kickstarter is LIVE! Come play!

My most successful Kickstarter to date was last year’s Major Pieces project, which gathered some interstitial stories I’d already completed with stories written from your prompts to fill in some of the gaps of the Princes’ Game series. Your participation made for a far more interesting table of contents than I could have come up with on my own… without your suggestions, I would never have thought to write about the restaurant at Starbase Alpha, or how a D-per came to be employed by a foreign queen, or about the forgotten children of the Chatcaavan imperial harem.

It was so rewarding, in fact, that I’ve decided to do it again! Join me and your fellow readers today for the campaign for In the Court of Dragons, my next “reader-sponsored/inspired” collection! I’ve got a core of a couple of stories planned, but I need your help to round out the volume!

We’re live! Here’s the link:

In addition, to help kick off a list of suggestions for readers to vote on, I’m opening my membership-only Discord server to everyone for a day! This invite is valid for 24 hours, and will grant you access to the party in the #picnicfield channel, where people are brainstorming new ideas for the collection. I’ll pick the most appropriate of those ideas for everyone to vote on during the Kickstarter campaign. Or you could just come and hang out with your fellow Jaguar readers! Our Discord community is one of the best, I think, and not just because I’m biased. (And please, read the rules before arriving!)

Join us for the fun!

News! Kickstarter, Annual Memberships at Patreon, and Streaming (Today!)

Cool stuff coming or available now!

  • First, I’ve enabled annual memberships for Patreon! If you are sick of the monthly payment charge, you can now go buy an entire year at once. You even get a 5% discount! Here’s a guide to make the switch. (Because some of you will ask, neither is “better” for me. It’s nice to have monthly income; it’s nice to have the lump sum. Go with what’s best for you!)
  • I’m back to streaming the sketchbook scan today on Twitch! Stream starts at 1 PM EST! If you missed the first 30ish pages, it’s up on youtube. This is all in service of me making plans for how to make this more fun/interesting for all of us. Stay tuned…
  • My Kickstarter campaign for the new collection has been approved! My plan is to launch the last day of September (so next Wednesday). Check out the preview here; you can use that page to be notified when the project goes live!

More as things develop! I am excite, and I hope you are too! 🎉