Story Launch: Rose Point, Book 2 of the Her Instruments Trilogy


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Have we been waiting long enough to find out what happens to Reese and Hirianthial after Earthrise? I think so! Four months after Book 1, then, Book 2 is out!

Reese is only just getting used to running the Earthrise in the black—and with an Eldritch in her crew—when a trip to a colony world gives rise to a whole new problem: Hirianthial is showing powers that even the Eldritch rarely have, and that only in legend. He badly needs training, support and advice, and the only place he can find them is… at home.

To see the world of the Eldritch is a once in a lifetime opportunity, a thing of fantasies and rumor. And to finally meet the Eldritch Queen, the author of so many of Reese’s windfalls! You’d have to twist her arm to get her to admit it, but Reese can’t wait to go. But a court out of fantasy and a breathtaking land aren’t enough compensation when they come packaged with a rabidly xenophobic species whose world is falling apart. The last thing they want any part of is some mortal interloper.

Is Reese ready for the Eldritch world? Better to ask: are they ready for her?

This is the book where we finally get to meet the Eldritch, not just for a brief stay, the way we did in the novella “Family,” but close-up and personal. We see the very real crisis they’re facing and meet the people in charge of orchestrating both their deliverance from it—or their possible destruction. Threads from multiple stories meet in this one, and while you don’t have to have read other series to enjoy Rose Point, fans of the Pelted setting will be rewarded!

Julie Dillon returns again for the cover of Book 2, and once again blew it out of the park; this time around we get a close-up of Hirianthial and he looks like everything Reese would reluctantly fall in love with. It pleases me that the first, Reese-focused cover is more blues and grays and spaceshippy… and the second, Hirianthial-focused cover is more pink-and-soft and romancey. I think you get a good sense of the trilogy from them: space opera! Romance! Politics! Pirates! I’m looking forward to the culminating cover…

…which brings me to the warning that when you put this book down, you will be long past ready for Book 3. You won’t be waiting long; Laisrathera is my next project, and I’m planning a spring 2014 launch. I won’t lie, though: it’s gonna take a big book to wrap up everything that starts exploding in Rose Point. Hold on to your seats, folks. It’s going to be wild. 😀

So, Rose Point! As always, tell your friends, leave reviews if it pleases you. I’m deeply grateful for all your efforts on my behalf. You not only help feed my family, but now the small group of contractors I’m beginning to keep “on staff.” :)

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