Spots vs Games Workshop, One Month Later

Sales have slowed to a quiet trickle, but I am pleased, very pleased to see a lot of reviews by people who bought the book because of the GW issue and have gone on to enjoy it. On Amazon alone there have been seven new reviews in the past week with comments like “Definitely on my re-read list” and “a proper page-turner.” Most of those reviews comment about the format and then go on to say that while strange, it seems to suit the narrative… I’m glad they thought so. I did too!

Traffic is still washing to my website from articles on BoingBoing, the BBC and various forum threads where people are still discussing the topic. It’s gone from several thousand hits a day to a few hundred, which is more typical for my blog, but a surprising number of people are just discovering the news and coming here to my original post.

I’ve written a summary of events for my wiki page on the problem, so if anyone wants an explanation you can hand that over. It links to all three of my original posts on the topic, as well as to all the major articles (and a lot of the minor ones) that I know of.

I’d be surprised if this didn’t blow completely over within another month. But I am tempted now to prioritize the Spots sequel since, as one new reviewer said after reading “Letters,” the epilogue to the novel, “Need more plz.”

If there are three sweeter words for an author to hear, I can’t think of them right now. :)

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