Space Marine News Round-Up

These are the posts I became aware of yesterday (or early today):

BBC Follow-up
GalleyCat (which reports that Spots hit the top 10 bestsellers on Smashwords).

Also, today the issue showed up in the web comic Weregeek.

The Games Workshop Facebook post now appears to be missing. Does anyone have a screencap?

Finally, I see that my epilogue to Spots, “Spots the Space Marine: Letters,” has reappeared on Amazon as well. (It never left Smashwords, which carries the remaining e-book formats.)

That’s all I’ve seen! If you find anything else, please pass it along. I’m still updating the master list.

  1. The FB post had over 1,000 negative comments from people damning their actions – as of this morning (UK time), at the point I got banned from their page :oops:

    Considering most of their posts get maybe a couple of dozen responses says how much support you got from people there.

  2. Another post talking about Space marines and novel naming:

    I didn’t see it on the post master list and I don’t know if you had seen it yet.

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