Side Dominance

I guess the last time I had formal dance lessons I was in elementary school, when (like so many girl children) I was shepherded through a course of them as a substitute for physical deportment lessons. And I never really lost the habit of dancing; I like it, and don’t really care if I’m good at it or not. Watching Glee has made me realize that dancing is fun and exercise, though, so I’ve been doing it more often. And that made me wonder: “Am I any good at it? Really?”

So I steeled myself and put on headphones and danced in front of a mirror, and the verdict is: I won’t shame myself, which is fine; that’s all I want. Far more interesting to me, though, was the huge difference in the dexterity and precision of the movements of the entire left side of my body.

Now, my right hand, I was expecting to be more fluid and agile than my left. I’ve been doing nothing but honing precision skills with my right hand all my life, so it didn’t surprise me that my left hand wasn’t up to that. But for my right shoulder, hip, knee and ankle to also be better than their counterparts? Literally every joint?

I am intrigued. Now I wonder if I can bring my left side up to speed and what, if anything, that will do to how my brain works….

What about you all? Notice any distinct issues with handedness and it affecting one entire side of your body? Has anyone tried teaching themselves ambidexterity, and did it affect how you perceive things?

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