Seriously, I Need Minions

I am in the slow, slow process of redoing all my book covers.

All of them.

And in the slow, slow process of redoing all the interiors.

All of them.

For a few reasons. I need the series to look like one another, so readers can find their favorite settings by thumbnail. And because nowadays it’s not enough to slap up a barely formatted file… we’ve come to expect some pretty on the inside.

Also, the About the Author stuff needs to be updated. And standardized.

And I need to do this for 50+ titles.


Anyway, I’m currently going through the Jokka stuff because I’m doing audiobook covers for several of those stories and it makes sense to do them all at the same time:

I’ve been using an eye-dropper to keep the colors more or less consistent (there’s a dark gray-blue, a peachy cream color, and a reddish warm color, and the only place I definitely messed that up was with “Trifold”). Same title font and font treatment. And trying to standardize the other font on the cover; I’m pretty sure it looks similar even if it’s not exactly the same. I have… four? Left to fix? “Anadi Dolls,” “Unknowable,” “Stone Moon, Silk Scarves” and “The Smell of Intelligence.” Not too bad.


What on earth do I do for the novels? I need to plan now: Shell is turning into a trilogy, and I’m not sure how to make it play well with all the short fiction. Oh, and Clays needs a new look too…

Seriously. I need minions. I don’t have time to mess with all this. But it’s important. Argh! *droop* Next year, maybe, I’ll have the budget to give forth salaries, all proper-like.

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