Running Down the To-Dos

Here’s a status (as much to keep my head focused as for you all!):

Laundry Dragons
• Coloring book PDF is done; coloring book physical proof is in the mail.
• Picture book block is done and uploaded; cover is 75% done. Should be ready for review in a couple of days.
• Magnet design is out for final price quote.
• E-book is in planning stage.
• Wallpaper is in planning stage.

• Waiting on final cover/book block/etc while finishing up copy-edits.

• Rose Point audiobook is currently coming to me for approval, chapter by chapter.
• I’m in the process of vetting a contract to podcast the Stone Moon Trilogy (!). That should be a fun experiment.

• Heir is coming up on its final episodes!
• Apparently Wingless Sequel is next (and is 139 pages–I am writing to keep ahead of you all!).

So things are trucking along, and I am pleased. I’ll feel better once I wipe the top two things off my list, though, so I can concentrate on writing the new work.

  1. “Apparently Wingless Sequel is next”…

    Uh huh, and what was the original plan? :)

  2. Do you think you’ll serialize heirs sequel as well? I’m a little torn on serialization. It gives me something to look forward to during the week. It also give you a small additional income while you are writing, which is good. The cliffhangers every week kill me though, I want to read it all….now :P

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