Rose Point Progress

So, looking at my notes here… I abandoned the old draft of Rose Point and started writing it from scratch on July 1st.

It is now… July 25th, one week shy of August, and we are 181 pages in. I’m guessing the book’s going to clock in at about 400 pages, so if this is not the midpoint of the novel, I’ll certainly be there by August 1. My revised target for completion, then, is end of August/beginning of September.

That will be the third novel I’ve written this year. While working a day job. Because my internal narrative is “Nothing stops me,” and so far I’m willing to run myself ragged to make that true.

The power of stories. *nods*

Anyway, I share this mostly because I have noticed that a dozen things are falling through the cracks, and one of those things might be a favorite of yours. I just want you to know where all that time is going! And I’m not planning on starting Mindline (book #4 for this year) until November, so that will give me some catch-up time in September and October to see to those things that have been suffering for lack of attention.

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