Random Cool Stuff Today: Languages and Art Links


Type some words into the box here and see the resulting translation on the map of Europe. Great for us visual people! I read about it at this news article.

• SiliconShaman sent me this mouth-watering dissection of Vulcan calligraphy by one of the linguists who worked on Star Trek: Into Darkness. Oh my gosh. Oh my GOSH! Even their writing is beautiful! I NEED A VULCAN OF MY VERY OWN!

• Everyone’s been linking to this song from Disney’s Frozen, in 25 languages, and it’s cool so I will too. (Haven’t seen the movie, but what a beautiful sequence.) I find it interesting and sensible that they have two different Spanish translations, because I often have trouble, dialect-wise, with European Spanish.

• Finally, Sue Burke on Livejournal has a great post on translation, “You Killed Manolete!”, which should be of interest not just to people who like real languages, but people who are into world-building.

Random Pretty

• Kit’s been doing her Sketch-a-Day project this month. I really like today’s, of a Queen in a tree-throne: she looks somehow very Young Adult Novelish. Or Narnia-ish. I dunno, I like it. :) If you want a pretty-fix, keep an eye on her journal.

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