Random Accounting Stats, Plus Question for the Groupmind

I am doing accounting for the end of the year, and it looks like the mess-up with Alysha’s Fall cost me at least a fourth of my revenue for the year.

That’s… a very bad thing. I guess the silver lining is that I have less revenue to report at tax time? :,

Interestingly, serial money outpaces my print and audiobook revenue combined—so far at least. E-book royalties pwn all, as one might expect.

Question now: I am much discontented with the solution I’ve got for accounting. I log hundreds of microtransactions a year and right now I’m manually inputting them all into a spreadsheet. I don’t have a customer database worth speaking of, something that really upsets me from a “treat my patrons right” standpoint, and while I’ve got a lot of graphs custom-made for my spreadsheet the whole thing just feels kludgy. Does anyone have any recommendations for good accounting software for small business owners who don’t necessarily have inventory? Something that can take Paypal’s data easily would be very good. Paypal exports to spreadsheet and the usual comma/tab separated flat files. Something that also does my taxes easily would be awesome. Help from the groupmind?

  1. You could look into gnucash. It is well reviewed, but since it uses double entry bookkeeping I’ve heard can be a little difficult at first. Here is the link to the software Gnucash. It looks like for paypal you will want to use the csv, since qif doesn’t show all transactions. Gnucash only supports qif though, I guess they are pretty similar and it’s easy to make a script to convert to qif. There is an entry about it on the gnucash faq. It also exports to TXF, which can be imported into tax prep software.

  2. I use Wave and really like it but I think you said you didn’t want something that lives in the cloud?

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